Surgery & Dental

Surgery and Dental Care

There are many instances in which your pet may require surgical care. Pet Partners Animal Clinic provides a range of surgical services such as spays and neuters, to more complex surgeries such as, mass removals (internal and in the skin), bladder stone removal, and C-­Sections to mention just a few. We also provide routine dental cleanings and necessary dental extractions. Dr. Jo has over twenty years experience in all type of surgeries and is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Even though some surgeries may be labeled “routine”, it’s anything but routine when it’s your family member being treated. We have comfortable pre-­op and recovery areas, including the separation of our cat and dog patients to help make it more calming for our feline friends. Dr. Jo administers pre-medicants to help calm our patients and to make procedures less stressful for them. We take pride in our pain management protocols. We feel we should do everything in our power to keep our patients as comfortable as possible. Dr. Jo communicates with you before, during, and after surgery to make it as easy as we can for you, as well.

A veterinary technician will monitor your loved one’s anesthesia from the beginning of surgery through recovery. State-­of­-the-­art monitors will be used to assist. Intravenous fluids are utilized for your pet’s safety. Pre-surgical blood work will be discussed and carried out prior to surgery. Dr. Jo and her team will do everything in their power to make these procedures as safe and pain-­free as possible.

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